Listen, Learn, and Be Inspired: An Unforgettable Exhibition Awaits

We are pleased to announce that MS. Maja Piechowska Józwiak and Mr. Piotr Krajewski will exhibit at the 13th Emirates Pathology, Digital Pathology, and Cancer Conference, which is CME/CPD accredited, from December 15–17, 2023, at the Holiday Inn Dubai, Al Barsha, UAE, and Virtual.

Follow the link below for more info and to register:

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MS. Maja Piechowska Józwiak
Wroclaw, Poland-CEO

Presentation Title: Development of a bioinformatics tool to automate the diagnosis of breast cancer

Mr. Piotr Krajewski
Wroclaw, Poland-CEO

MS. Maja Piechowska Józwiak
Wroclaw, Poland-CEO

Presentation Title: “Development of a bioinformatics tool to automate the diagnosis of bladder cancer cytology”

Mr. Piotr Krajewski
Wroclaw, Poland-CEO

Medical Facilities:

  • Store vast amounts of image
  • View images from many access points simultaneously
  • Improve doctor to doctor cooperation within the organization as well as outside
  • Make use of computer aided intervention tools and share the results easily
  • Increase output by detecting more cases in less time
  • Improve patient outcomes thanks to personalized therapies
  • Enhance service quality – faster and accurate diagnosis
  • Save on cost and time by reducing patient length-of-stay and minimizing resources required to treat a patient
  • Enhance staff satisfaction by reducing manual, repetitive tasks and preventing physician burn out


  • Compare with algorithmic solutions
  • See other cases
  • Share experience with other patients
  • Get your diagnosis and results faster
  • Receive more effective treatment thanks to precise diagnosis and personalized therapies
  • No more misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgeries or procedures

Mr. Piotr Krajewski

He is also co-founder of:

● – company that offers online id verification, KYC

● – SaaS MES platform for manufacturing in Industry 4.0 concept.

● Stermedia.AI. – Software AI company

He is a happy husband and father of 6 kids (2 in Heaven).

He has 14 years of experience in project management, coordination of financial processes

and software services

Piotr Krajewski established a research and development department that successfully implements projects in the areas of Big Data and data mining, machine / deep learning algorithms in the areas of image processing, NLP, statistical analysis and forecasting based on large data sets.

Piotr Krajewski has an excellent knowledge of IT issues and is interested in healthtech issues. When working on projects, he uses open source technologies and agile methodologies, which significantly improves the quality of applications. In 2017, he was included in the list of 30 creatives of Wroclaw.

He has relevant experience in conducting R&D projects and implementing their results.

Emirates Pathology, Digital Pathology & Cancer Conference, which is recognized by CME/CPD
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