8th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conference August 10-12, 2021 in Online
Past Conference Report (8EPUCG2021)

Utilitarian Conferences Online hosted the “CME/CPD Accredited 8th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conference” from August 10–12, 2021. The “Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conference” conferences were a huge success, and they included well-known keynote speakers from a variety of reputable companies and universities who addressed the audience.

The event business was handled in pathology sessions and plenary lectures. To all the esteemed attendees and keynote speakers of the 8EPUCG2021, UCG would like to express its sincere gratitude. At Pathology & Digital Pathology 2021, we want to sincerely thank all of the distinguished attendees and keynote speakers.

At the 8th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conference, which took place online from August 10–12, 2021, a number of top speakers discussed a variety of cutting-edge topics relating to the pathology and digital pathology industries. (8EPUCG2021)


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Our Upcoming Conference:-

On December 15-17, 2023 in Dubai, UAE, Our 13th edition 13th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conferences  is going to take part. The goal of the Digital Pathology Conferences is to promote the exchange of information about nursing and healthcare workforce training across the globe. The largest Digital pathology conferences in the world draw attendees from more than 40 nations, which results in an abundance of giving to and learning from one another. The meeting encourages networking and teamwork throughout.

This conference will feature eminent speakers, researchers, scientists, academicians, pathologist, education, and management. The international congress offers a chance to connect with academics, researchers, clinical practitioners, and nursing colleagues who will share evidence-based findings for enhancing 13th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conferences (13EPUCG2023).


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