Biomerica – Product Description

Biomerica, a global biomedical technology company, offers advanced in-vitro diagnostic solutions. Our at-home screening portfolio includes tests for medical conditions that are associated with the most common cancer types (breast, colorectal and prostate) and chronic diseases (diabetes and high blood pressure). The products are affordable and can be made accessible for everyone, support self-responsibility and control of health and well-being.

EZ Detect™: The most convenient FOBT without stool handling · At-Home Test for hidden blood in the stool, an early warning sign of colorectal diseases such as colorectal cancer (CRC) · In-home results within 2 minutes · FDA cleared & CE marked · Insurance reimbursement in Dubai

Aware®: An aid to breast self-exam · Significantly increases the sense of touch and allows detection of changes in the breast tissue more easily · Gives women for confidence for their self-exam · FDA cleared & CE marked

Fortel® Prostate (PSA) Screening Test: A rapid lateral flow test to detect human Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) using a finger prick whole blood sample · For screening of elevated levels of PSA in males which may be a sign of prostate disease such as prostate cancer · CE marked

Fortel® Kidney Disease (Microalbumin) Screening Test: A rapid lateral flow test to detect elevated levels of human albumin in urine (microalbuminuria) · Microalbuminuria is an early sign of possible kidney damage · Aid in early detection of kidney disease · CE marked

Fortel®  Ulcer (H. pylori) Screening Test: A rapid lateral flow test to detect antibodies in response to an H. pylori infection using a finger prick whole blood sample · The presence of H. pylori antibodies may be related to gastritis, ulcers, or in some cases, presence of stomach cancer · CE marked

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