CME/CPD accredited 12th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conference | April 04-06, 2023 | Dubai, UAE

Meet the Pathology and Digital Pathology Conference Keynote Speakers Virtually_UCGConferences

Meet the Pathology and Digital Pathology Conference Keynote Speakers virtually.
Dr. Anil Parwani (Vice-Chair, Anatomical Pathology; Director of Pathology Informatics and Digital Pathology)
Dr. Phillip Mckee (MD, FRCPath)
Dr. Zev Leifer (President, The Leifer Institute of Molecular and Digital Pathology)
Dr. Joanne Martin (Director, Blizard Institute)
Dr. Andreas M Luebke (Head of Orthopedic Pathology and Vice-Head of Cytopathology)
Dr. Joanne Martin (Director, Blizard Institute, Hon Consultant Barts Health NHS Trust)
Dr. Marilyn Bui (Senior Member and Professor of Pathology)
Mr. Felix Faber (CEO & Founder, MindPeak)
Prof. Tarek Ali (Professor of Internal Medicine and Senior Consultant Physician)
Dr. Alina Bridges (Director of Immunodermatology Richfield Laboratory of Dermatopathology/Dermpath Diagnostics, ASDP Alternate Advisor to the AMA-RUC, Chief Medical Officer, Cytokind, Inc.)
Dr. Michael Retsky (Hon Associate Prof at University College London) will be presenting their keynote sessions at the 8EPUCG2021.

Academic Keywords
Histology Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Radiation Pathology
Cancer Diagnosis Pathobiotechnology Radiopathology
Cytology Pathology Case Reports Oncopathology
Neuroscience Pediatric pathology Telediagnosis
Surgery Phytopathology Tissue-based Diagnosis
Breast Pathology Psychopathology Virtual Microscopy
Anatomical Pathology Pulmonary Pathology Virtual Pathology
Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology Renal and Urinary tract Pathology Whole-slide imaging
Telepathology Renal Pathology Plant Pathology
Cancer Cytopathology Reproductive Pathology Cell biology
Cardiovascular Pathology Social Pathology Central nervous system cytology
Cellular Pathology Speech and language pathology Stereology
Chemical Pathology Surgical Pathology Eye cytology
Clinical Pathology Therapeutic Intervention Gastrointestinal cytology
Comparative Pathology Microbial Pathology Gynecologic cytology
Cancer research Veterinary Pathology Intervention cytology
Dermatopathology Cancer Pathology Kidney and adrenal cytology
Endocrinal Pathology Computational Pathology Liver and pancreas cytology
Experimental Pathology Digital Biobanking Lymph node cytology
HematoPathology Digital Imaging Respiratory cytology
Forensic Pathology Digital Pathology Thyroid cytology
Gastrointestinal Pathology Digital Pathology Laboratory Biotechnology
Genomic Pathology e-Pathology Speech-Language Pathology
Head and Neck Pathology Forensic Pathology Cancer Epidemiology
Cytopathology Human pathology Effusion cytology
Hepatobiliary Pathology Image analysis Infection and Immunity
Histopathology Immunohistochemistry Research in Education
Immunoassay Laboratory Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab Medicine Advances
Immunopathology Maxillofacial Pathology Therapeutic Pathology
Laboratory Medicine Urinary tract Pathology Personalized Medicine
Liver pathology Oral pathology Radiology
Molecular Pathology Paleopathology Center for Anatomic Pathology
Molecular Plant Pathology Pathobiology Pathology Fellowships
Neuropathology Photoacoustic imaging Pathology Education
Oncopathology Prognosis-related diagnosis Genitourinary Pathology
Ophthalmic Pathology Quantitative image analysis Child Pathology

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